Brookhaven Elementary School

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Dear Parent(s),


It is important for you to set up a regular study time for your child and to try and be strict about maintaining it. This will help your child establish a routine for studying, which is a key to good homework habits. Routines develop into good habits, and if you help your child stick to this routine, you will soon notice that he/she automatically uses that time as study time. You could use an alarm cook, oven timer, etc. to remind when study time begins or ends. Also, if your child is often done with his/her schoolwork, try to make this a regular time to read together or review skill taught that day or previously.


Having a regular place to study will also help you and your child establish a routine for good study habits. One of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing a study spot- is to keep it away from distractions, like the television. Another idea to consider is, although the bedroom can be a fine place for studying, it is probably best not to do it actually on the bed. Since the bed is a place for sleeping, doing homework there could interfere with your child’s sleeping routine.  Establish a regular procedure for your child to follow during study time. Below you can find your child’s Math and Language Arts homework for the week.  Please check planner, assignments are subject to change at times.