Brookhaven Elementary School

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Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan



Student will be assessed with no numeric grades being recorded. Students progress will be based on meeting and demonstration of the goals and objectives included in his/her Individualized Education Plan.



Students will be introduced to numbers and number concepts. Students will participate in a variety of activities that will enhance their understanding of numbers. Activities will include, but are not limited to, number identification and recognition, through recall and rote counting, writing numbers, using manipulatives to count, identifying money, identifying time concepts, calendar skills, measurement concepts, and simple addition and subtraction of numbers. Students will play games, use computers, put together puzzles involving numbers, complete work samples. Homework involving numbers and number concepts, addition and/or subtraction practice, and independent math practices will be assigned on Monday. Tuesday and Thursday of each week, according to each student's ability level.



Students will increase their understanding of letters and sound recognition. Students will participate in activities involving, but not limited to, identifying and matching alphabets, by sight and sound, activities to develop phonic awareness, and sight word recognition needed to begin or enhance reading skills. Students will complete work samples, complete alphabet puzzles, complete word search puzzles, participate in games involving letter recognition, use the computer and use verbal recall to achieve these skills. Homework involving letter and sound recognition,or short reading stories with questions to answer, will be assigned on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of each week, according to each student's ability level.


Developmental Skills:

Students will participate in activities to enhance fine motor skills. Students will participate in activities to increase their recognition and understanding of basic colors and color words, and shapes. Students will recognize functional symbols and signs, survival signs and community workers. Students will participate in activities to increase their understanding of emotions and feelings.  Students will complete seasonal art projects for special events or holidays according to their ability levels. Students will participate in discussions, games, work samples, and the use of the computer.  


Social Development:

Students will participate in social skill activities each day. Students will complete work samples involving recall of personal information such as name, address, birthday, lunch number, bus number, etc. Students participate in discussions of social stories, and other short stories read aloud to them by the teacher and will be encouraged to listen and answer comprehension questions afterwards.  Self-help issues will be discussed and addressed as needed.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Each day students will participate in a special subject class. On designated days students will participate with the regular education population for P.E., Library, Music, Computer Lab and Art at a designated time. Students will attend assemblies and all other school related programs as deemed appropriate.


Related Services:

Some students participate in Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Transportation each week, as a related service. Some students participate in services provided by Region 8 Mental Services as needed. (Time and days are reflected on the students’ individual schedules).